The purpose of using am:pm VA is to SAVE you and your business money!

We developed  few packages for you in order to only pay for what you need.

There is no more need for you to pay a full-time employee. Think about the saving that your business could have. Hang on a second, did you say SAVINGS???

Yes, that's right, SAVINGS!!! With AMPM VA you don't need to pay for insurance, (we hold our own one) sick pay, non-productive hours (lunch, breaks...) ah hang on!!! don't forget that you don't pay anymore for employee holiday, maternity or paternity leave, also, you don't need to provide anymore space or equipment!!! We have our own one.

We do send you the invoice at the completion of the task and you can pay it within 7 working days!!!


We do have two types of charges an hourly rate or by project, check our packages, we don’t want to rape your wallet but all we want is to deliver a high standard service.


Telephone Support

We do offer telephone consultations or support but preferably we like to use emails, texts or chats for the following reasons:

  1.  Communicating via email ensures that all notes related to a piece of work/project/task are in one place, allowing everyone to be kept in the loop. It also enables us to keep a record of all points discussed, which we can refer to in the future. This is something that telephone conversations just do not offer.
  2. It also allows us to keep the cost of our services lower for you.

However, please be assured that we respond to all email queries as soon as possible between 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday.


am:pm VA Runs Special Offers Every Weeks 

We do run promotions and specials offers every week, how to find out? simple, just like us on our Facebook and follow us on our Twitter and you will be the first one to be notified.