A brief revision of my vision

One of the tasks you asked for is the data research which is a job that really needs a lot of time to be accomplished in a proper way. To help us creating leads there are software solutions which extract emails and telephone numbers but the lists you get needs to be cleaned up from […]

Start up for Virtual Assistant
January 25, 2016

Starting a new business, it’s so exciting and it brings you so many positive energies, it’s like a dream becomes true. Before start take a deep breath and summarize point to point what needs to be done first. Considerate that all your energies are concentrated on it and after few months can become stressfully because […]

Most of the time when you decide to start a new business you are so excited and concentrate on how to get new customers, how to optimize your time and delivering an excellent service etc. But what about the costs you are dealing with in the meantime? Even if you have a good financial basis […]