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January 25, 2016

Starting a new business, it’s so exciting and it brings you so many positive energies, it’s like a dream becomes true. Before start take a deep breath and summarize point to point what needs to be done first. Considerate that all your energies are concentrated on it and after few months can become stressfully because come up the difficulties of all the jobs that need to be done starting from set up a good marketing plan, find the funds to do marketing, target people to create leads, create your personal blog to drive people that follow you. Everything must be done as soon as possible, it is not easy to handle and most of the hours, at the beginning, are unpaid hours. But, you should consider the great satisfaction after all, when you become a proper entrepreneur, your fidelity customers and the one you work for a task!


  1. Develop a good marketing plan

That is the most important point, I can say the number “one”.

  1. Be sure you have the complete support of your family

As all the new business, it takes time before start earning enough money to be independent. That can be considered a negative approach, but the stressful job of marketing after few months take the place of the beginning excitement. Target the potential customer and get the job it’s a long way even if you have a brilliant background of an office job. The support of your family is essential.

  1. Be well prepare for all the tasks the potential customers are going to expect from you

Customer need to save money, that’s the reason why they choose a virtual assistant, so you have to be more productive and accomplish the tasks request in less time and perfectly. They expect to deal with a professional multitasks person able to work independently and with high “can do” attitude.


  1. Keep in mind the costs for the marketing and focus on which could be the better start

The costs include money to spend in adverting and unpaid hours, which are never ending due to the high competition. Develop a blog which helps drive traffic to your website and people start looking at you as a person who knows what is doing.

  1. I am still wondering if the websites, such as,, are so helpful?

Probably my experience is not the best example, but when I decided to become a virtual assistant I signed up in all these platforms, I subscribed membership card, bought credit whatever would be helpful to get more jobs. Unfortunately, most of the jobs I applied turned up to be fake or they asked for something that has nothing to do with my job. But apart from that what I don’t really like is that you have to offer your job for few pounds even if you are a professional…. a bit frustrating for me!

Good luck to all of us is starting a new business!!!

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